A new, improved digital version of Military Brats is now available! 

This new edition is free of formatting errors.  All footnotes are now linked to their corresponding texts. This edition is already available for the e-readers Kindle and Nook,  and for download to your computer.  Other e-pub versions are in the pipeline and will be available very shortly.  We will add links to them as they become available. To order, please click here.

Mary Edwards Wertsch is currently working on Volume 2, which will appear in late 2011 or early 2012.  That volume will explore how legacies of the Fortress play out for military brats in later life, as well as update readers on how things have changed for military families since the book first appeared in 1991.  A study guide will be provided covering both books.

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Our plans for the future include publishing works by additional military brat authors writing fiction or non-fiction about military brat experience.  Currently, we are carrying only works by Mary Edwards Wertsch until we can expand to accommodate other authors.  Our current  listings:

Military Brats:  Vol. 1, Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortresss,
by Mary Edwards Wertsch.


     Please note:  Despite the new and really cool photo on the cover, the content of this edition is essentially the same as prior editions.  If you already own one of those, do not buy this edition looking for new content.  However, if you are looking to buy a gift or to replace an old copy, this is a long-awaited edition. It is a larger, heavier version which we believe will not fall apart so easily.  Margins are wider for taking notes (there are also pages in the back for this purpose).  It is labelled Volume 1 for a reason:  see explanation at right.


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