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Brightwell Publishing was established in 2005 to publish quality books which explore and strengthen the cultural identity of military brats. We believe the publishing industry has an important role to play in assisting this rapidly growing cultural movement.

We brats need to understand ourselves, our families of origin, and one another. To that end, it is essential to thoroughly understand our culture of origin, its effect on us, and the many ways it works in us still.

At Brightwell Publishing, we take this cultural understanding forward to a defining mission:

We want to make sure that new generations of military brats understand their cultural identity from a young age, feel grounded in it, and connected to others of the same cultural heritage.

Along with that, we want to do what we can to help parents, teachers, physicians, social workers, clergy, and others with important roles in the lives of young brats to gain insight into the
way children are shaped by their military childhoods.

This, we believe, will help them guide children through the most challenging aspects of their young lives and toward making the best use of the considerable strengths that are also part of their brat heritage.

Our Publications List

Our plans for the future include publishing works by additional military brat authors writing fiction or non-fiction about military brat experience.  Currently, we are carrying only works by Mary Edwards Wertsch until we can expand to accommodate other authors. 

Our current  listings:

Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortresss, by Mary Edwards Wertsch.

Click here for information about the book.

Digital versions:

1.  E-book download from our site, coming soon.

2.  Kindle version.  Click here.

3.  Google Books version.  Click here.

How to Contact Us

To order, schedule author appearances, be added to our mailing list, or make other inquiries, we invite you to reach us in these ways:

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Fax:  877-865-5750

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  • Mary Edwards Wertsch, Publisher: 314-662-2736

Postal address:
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Who We Are

Mary Edwards Wertsch, Army brat, is the author of the seminal work, Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress, first published in 1991 by Harmony Books.  She is the founder of Brightwell Publishing, the fourth publisher of the book Military Brats, following Harmony, Ballantine, and Aletheia editions.   For more about Mary, please visit her web site at  She also writes The Military Brat Blog; please visit and contribute your thoughts.

Kim Mullin Van Savage, also an Army brat, is Business Manager of Brightwell Publishing. Kim has 20+ years of experience managing the finance, operations, and human resources functions of small, mission-focused organizations.  Kim received 
her BA from Swarthmore College and MS in Management from Antioch University.  Kim currently works as Human Resources Director for the Divinity School of Harvard University. 

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