We are a small publishing company with a big mission:  to help military brats--and those who care for and work with military brats--understand the unique cultural roots that shaped them.  Here you can find out about and order the groundbreaking nonfiction book, Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress.  You can also find out about or schedule author appearances, join our mailing list, and find links to more sites supporting the military brat cultural identity movement.

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books that explore and 
              strengthen military brat cultural identity

This photograph of two Army families was taken in November, 1945, for greeting card purposes  in the first joyous holiday season following victory in World War II.  Private collection, all rights reserved.

The photograph below, of an Army son, is self-explanatory thanks to the information helpfully inscribed in chalk on the blackboard.

Private collection, all rights reserved. 

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